Features found across the Ellendale range

Ellendale Incinerators are designed & built to give a long trouble free life and low cost of ownership
  100% Stainless Steel Casings  

The casings including lids, secondary and (where appropriate) tertiary chambers are constructed of stainless steel.

Stainless steel provides a highly durable incinerator which will not peel, crack or shale away like incinerators constructed with non-stainless steel casings. Only stainless steel can in the long-term withstand the high temperatures at which incinerators operate.

The life of the Ellendale range is exceptional with customers still using units after over 20 years of operation.

  Heavy duty refractory hearth and fire bars   Enable the load to be fired from underneath giving complete combustion of waste and very easy manual de-ashing from the hearth through the ash door.
  Waste reduced to dry ash   Approximately 2 to 5% by volume of the waste introduced, dependent on type of waste being disposed of.
Ellendale Incinerators are designed with health & safety issues in mind
  Designed for safe operation   Top-opening loading door on all models is at a height which makes loading easy, but which prevents the risk of operatives overbalancing and placing any part of the body into hot equipment.
  Top and Front loading option on model 7 range  

In order to allow loading with mechanical handling equipment, whilst maintaining bach loading capability larger Models offer top and front loading option.

Thus large items can be loaded mechanically, whilst small items can be batch loaded during the burn.

  Full flame failure safety   Incorporated on all models and burner types to ensure safe burner operation
  Lids fully counterbalanced   Ensures ease of opening and preventing accidental closure of lid during loading.
  Minimum site work required   Units are supplied with main components fully assembled, thus minimizing the need for costly on-site installation.
Ellendale Incinerators are designed for efficient operation and low cost of ownership
  Availability of batch-loading  

Giving economical burn cost of waste introduced to already hot incinerator. No limit to the number of times a new batch of waste can be introduced

  Complete disposal of waste   No need to re-arrange and re-burn waste
  Safety handles on lids   Opening handles to lids designed so that operative's body moves away from loading aperture during opening & closing
  Designed for long life   with standard features like 100% Stainless Steel Casings and high-grade, fully replaceable moulded refractory linings, Ellendale incinerators are designed for problem free operation and exceptional equipment life.
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