Ellendale incinerators have been designed and developed in conjunction with users to produce a robust and efficient method for the disposal of many types of waste. The after-burners achieve a clean combustion free from offensive smoke and smell. The complete range is manufactured from the best quality materials and this, combined with stringent quality control, ensures a reliable and highly efficient product.

All models operate on the under-firing principle whereby heat is introduced below the charge of waste, thus guaranteeing complete incineration and the total disposal of fats. Where fats are present in waste these fats are used to enhance the rate of incineration, consequently further increasing the efficiency of the appliance.

Benefits found across the range are:

  • DEFRA type-approval (Where appropriate)
  • CE marking (Where appropriate)
  • Simple maintenance
    • Replaceable refractory lining
    • Rapid de-ashing via low level cleaning door
  • Reliability & durability
    • Main body 100% stainless steel
    • High grade moulded refractory throughout
    • Ceramic refractory fire bars
    • Designed for long life
  • Easy & safe operation
    • Counterbalanced lids
    • Option to batch load through top lid
    • Complete combustion removes need
      to re-arrange and re-burn waste
  • Flexibility of a wide range of fuel options
    • Natural Gas
    • LPG
    • Oil
    • Simple conversion between fuel
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Ellendale can also offer a rental option. We have prepared 2 examples to illustrate the rental package.

Example 1 - Model 1 - LPG fired unit (PDF Document)

Example 2 - Model 2 - LPG fired unit (PDF Document)

If you would like to know more about rental, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Featured Product
Model 7

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With both front and top loading facilities, and the option to run on gas or oil, the Ellendale
Model 7 is one of the most versatile incinerators on the market.