Model 5

The design of Holloway incinerators is such that theyare able to use the calorific value of the fats within the carcasses to assits the combustion process. Thus in many applications, main burners will extinguish part way through the burn cycle.The cyle being completed using self combustion.

Reduction in the time the burners are operatingdelivers significant fuel cost saving, without compromising the quality of the incineration.

Elendale incinerators can be supplied with LPG, natural gas or oil burners.

The configuration of the main combustion chamber and second and third stage burning afterburner chambers achieves a clean burn throughout the burn cycle. Resulting in a burn free from smoke and odour.

The efficient design of Elendale incinerators ensurees total combustion. At the end of the burn, the ash content will represent only 2% of the volume of the initial load. Allowing for simple and efficient de-ashing.

The top-loading conficuration of the Model 5 allows for the re-charge the incinerator part way through a burn. This increases the efficiency of the unit and allows for larger loads to be effectively disposed of through batch loading.

This feature coupled with the low running costs, make Ellendale Incinerators one of the most cost effective solutions on the market

DEFRA Compliant
The Ellendale Model 5 are cased in 100% stainless steel, and lined with high quality, replaceable refactory linings rated at 1600oC making them fully compliant wilth all DEFRA regulations

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Technical Details
Model 5

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Main Burner

Fuel Consumption
(Main Burner)
Oil - 3.33 l/h
gas - 3.6 l/h