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With increasing focus on health & safety, and growing fears of cross infection between animals & humans, the safe disposal of animal waste & carcasses has never been more important.

With over 20 years experience working with veterinary surgeries, pet crematoria, catteries & kennels, Ellendale Engineering have an extensive range of highly efficient incinerators suitable for a broad spectrum of applications. For pet cremation, Ellendale can supply appropriate models for both single and multiple cremations.

With many customers returning to purchase larger units as their business grows, you can be sure that you will get the service & support you need as you move into the future.

  • Top loading feature allows recharging part way through the burn ensuring the incinerator operates efficiently, and allowing the use of smaller units, thus reducing capital cost
  • Larger models offer dual loading (front and top), allowing for safe loading of larger carcasses using mechanical handling and for recharging part way through the burn thus complying with health and safety regulations without compromising efficiency
  • DEFRA type approved, and fully compliant with all EC regulations
  • Clean burning free from offensive smoke & smell
  • Ensuring Long life with low maintenance and a low cost of ownership
  • Click here for full details of features found across the Ellendale range

Rental Option

Ellendale can also offer a rental option. We have prepared 2 examples to illustrate the rental package.

Example 1 - Model 1 - LPG fired unit (PDF Document)

Example 2 - Model 2 - LPG fired unit (PDF Document)

If you would like to know more about rental, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The primary range of Ellendale incinerators

Recommended Units Max Main Burner Output BTU Suitable for
Capacity of main chamber
Model 1 150,000 Small carcasses - single & multiple cremations 70kg
Model 2 150,000 Larger carcasses - single & multiple cremations 140kg
Model 4 150,000 Larger carcasses - single & multiple cremations 210kg
Model 5 150,000 Larger carcasses - multiple cremations 280kg
Model 6 300,000 Larger carcasses - multiple cremations 350kg
Model 7standard 300,000 Single & multiple cremations - Most carcass sizes 420kg
Model 7midi 300,000 Single & multiple cremations - Most carcass sizes 550kg
Model 7maxi 300,000 All carcass sizes - Large Quantities 680kg
Model 7ultra 300,000 All carcass sizes - Large Quantities 800kg



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With increased economic and environmental pressures on the Poultry Farming Market, waste management solutions need to be both effective & efficient.