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Following the issues highlighted during Foot & Mouth, and with the threat posed by Avian flu, the safe disposal of carcasses is becoming increasingly important.

Coupled with this, the economic pressures on the market mean that any solutions need to operate efficiently.

Ellendale incinerators are ideally suited to these markets.


  • Top loading feature allows recharging part way through the burn. Thus reducing cost & maximizing fuel efficiency
  • On site incineration, removes the need for strorage of the carcasses, thus minimising risk from disease, and eliminating odour and flies from stored waste
  • On site incineration reduces vehicular access requirements minimising risk of cross contamination from other sites, enhancing biosecurity
  • Complete destruction of waste to fine ash eliminates disease spread and enhances biosecurity measures
  • DEFRA type approved, and fully compliant with all EC regulations
  • All models operate on the under-firing principle whereby heat is introduced below the charge of waste, thus guaranteeing complete incineration and the total disposal of fats
  • Ability to incinerate from frozen allows for efficient incineration even on small poutry units. Carcasses can be frozen until a full incinerator load is accumulated.

Rental Option

Ellendale can also offer a rental option. We have prepared 2 examples to illustrate the rental package.

Example 1 - Model 1 - LPG fired unit (PDF Document)

Example 2 - Model 2 - LPG fired unit (PDF Document)

If you would like to know more about rental, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The primary range of Ellendale incinerators

Recommended Units Max Main Burner Output BTU
Approximate number of birds, each weighing 2kg in the main chamber
Model 1 150,000
Model 2 150,000
Model 4 150,000
Model 5 150,000
Model 6 300,000
Model 7standard 300,000
Model 7midi 300,000
Model 7maxi 300,000
Model 7ultra 300,000


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Featured Market

With increased economic and environmental pressures on the Poultry Farming Market, waste management solutions need to be both effective & efficient.